Miniman Jib Cranes

MiniMan 270 and MiniMan 360 free standing swing jib cranes suit most applications. They are available in a standard range of up to 2,000kg, in under or overbraced styles, with a manual slew (or optional motorised slew on the MiniMan 360).

Miniman Jib Crane

  • Crane Rotation

    The jib arm holds a bearing that is fitted to a kingpin welded into the top plate of the crane. The arm rotates about this pin and can be stopped at any slew angle up to 270 degrees (for the MiniMan 270 range) or 360 degrees - continuous rotation is possible with the MiniMan 360 range.

    Bolt-on end stops are attached to the jib to enable hoists to be fitted easily on site. For outdoor use, the crane can be supplied with a stainless steel kingpin, rollers (also available in brass) and roller pins. A stainless steel roller band can also be added for use in severe environments.

    The arm rotates in maintenance-free bearings to a slew angle of around 180 degrees - this can vary depending on the column size and proximity of other objects. Stops will normally be needed on the supporting steelwork and at the outboard end of the jib to enable a hoist to be fitted easily on site. Sealed bearings can be provided if the crane is to be used outside.

  • Manual, Electric or Pneumatic Hoists

    All cranes can be supplied with manual, electric or pneumatic hoists. If electrics are required, a main isolator switch is fitted to the pillar, which is lockable in the'off' position and IP54-rated against the ingress of water and dust.

    MiniMan 360 cranes can also be fitted with a power slew and control gear. The power slew must not be used outdoors in winds of more than 10 metres per second, as damage may occur to the drive unit.

  • Under / Over Braced

    MiniMan column or wall mounted cranes have an under or overbraced jib arm, which is secured via pre-drilled bearing housing mounting brackets. These brackets can be bolted directly to mounting points or fitted to a suitable building column.

    Overbraced cranes are generally lighter in construction than their underbraced counterparts and allow the hoist to travel closer to the column. Underbraced cranes are more suited to situations where maximum lift height is required in areas with restricted headroom.

Useful Information

The standard paint finish is suitable for indoor use and would require regular maintenance in external and coastal locations. Special paint finishes are available on request.

MiniMan cranes conform to BS7333:1990 and are covered by Mechan's ISO9001:2008 accreditation.

A structural engineer will need to check the suitability of the column or wall to which the crane is to be attached prior to installation, to ensure no deflection will occur at the mounting points. Power slew is not available on this type of crane.

All Miniman jib cranes are suitable for ATEX rated applications, such as marine, offshore and hazardous areas.

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