Powerman Jib Cranes

The PowerMan swing jib cranes are free standing and cover a typical range of up to 10,000kg. Boasting manual or powered jib arms, the PowerMan can slew at any angle up to 360 degrees, which suits most applications, whilst continuous rotation is possible if required.

Powerman Jib Crane

  • Underbraced Jib Arm

    The jib arm is underbraced and holds a bearing that fits into a kingpin, welded into the top plate of the crane. It rotates around this pin on bottom rollers located at the base of the backpost, running on a fully machined roller band welded to the column.

  • Manual, Electric or Pneumatic Hoists

    PowerMan cranes can be supplied with manual, electric or pneumatic hoists and bolt-on end stops are fitted to the outboard end of the jib to make attaching the hoist easier. If the crane is to be used outdoors, it will be supplied with stainless steel kingpin, rollers (also available in brass) and roller pins. A stainless steel roller band can also be included for severe environments.

  • Can Be Operated Outside

    If a power slew is fitted to the PowerMan crane, it can only be operated outside in a maximum wind speed of 10 metres per second. The jib will be unable to slew into wind above this speed and damage may occur to the drive if attempted.

  • Conforms To BS7333:1990

    The PowerMan conforms to BS7333:1990 and is covered by Mechan's ISO9001:2008 accreditation. It is supplied as standard with a high quality two-coat paint system in yellow, which is suitable for indoor applications, but would require regular maintenance if used outside or in a coastal location. Special paint finishes are available on request.

Global Installation Services

PowerMan cranes are found all over the world in many different applications and environments. Mechan provides global installation services. All jib cranes can be used in ATEX rated applications, such as outdoor environments, marine, offshore and hazardous areas.