We hold an extensive range of spare parts not only for our own products, but also for the third party brands and ancillary equipment we supply to the UK and Irish markets.

picture of cables for train jack spares

Reliable Stock Levels

Our fully qualified technicians carry a selection of the most commonly replaced spares at all times to ensure repairs can be undertaken immediately, reducing downtime and improving the performance of your machinery. These include contactors, coils, automatic lubrication canisters and bulbs.

Following a callout or regular maintenance inspection, your technician will produce a report on all items serviced. This will be followed by a more detailed document from our head office that will include recommendations for a supply of spare parts. Holding such items in stock will help prolong the life and efficiency of your installation.

For more information about our stock of spare parts, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563.