Details on our environmental policy's and certification including ISO14001.


In 2013, we were awarded the ISO 14001 standard, following an independent assessment of our environmental management systems.

The standard recognises the design, manufacture, installation and servicing of our lifting and handling equipment is conducted within an effective environmental framework and provides assurance that we are taking steps to measure and improve our carbon footprint.


By seeking innovative ways to improve the performance of our products, we are steadily reducing our effect on the climate. For example, automatic lubrication canisters are fitted to all lifting jacks and bogie drops to reduce the risk of oil and grease spills.

The promotion and implementation of green policies are at the forefront of our working practises and we are proactive in communicating these developments to employees and customers.


We also source third-party products that offer environmentally sound alternatives to current depot maintenance solutions, giving clients the ability to make an ethical choice.

Thanks to our partnership with Zwiehoff, we are bringing the award winning, electrically powered Rotrac shunters to the UK and Irish markets. They use only a few battery cells and a small quantity of liquid to provide the necessary drive and achieve zero emissions through the recovery of energy during operation.

A full copy of Mechan’s environmental policy is available on request. For more information, contact our head office team on +44 114 257 0563.