Bogie Lifting and Handling

We design and manufacture bogie lifters, bogie rotators, bogie turntables and other equipment to make the removal, refurbishment and maintenance of bogies safer and more efficient. Here are some of our most popular.

  • Bogie Turntables

    Manual or electrically powered turntables enable bogies to be transferred between roads within maintenance facilities. They are normally fitted with double cross rails and a manual latch to hold them in position when lined up with the workshop rails.

  • Mobile Bogie Lifters

    Mobile lifters attach to the bogie’s frame to raise it to working height. They do not give the same degree of access as their in-floor counterparts, but are cheaper to install and more flexible. The system comprises two columns, each with an independent screw-driven mechanism.

  • Bogie Lifting Platforms

    Our platforms allow an operator to access the bogie’s underside by raising it to a comfortable working height. They are located in the workshop floor so nothing but the flat plates and a pair of rails can be seen when not in use. As the platforms are designed to take the weight of a forklift truck, normal equipment can pass over without hindrance.

Bogie Frame Rotators

Working in pairs, our rotators lift and turn a bogie to provide access to all areas in an ergonomic and safe manner. Electrically driven screws with bronze load and safety nuts provide the lift. The screws’ non-reversing system supports the load at all times, whilst the nut is fitted with an automatic lubricator and wear detector.

*Rotating faceplates *Modified feet provide a wide and stable base *Synchronised jacks to ensure simultaneous lift

The master jack is fixed to the floor using conventional studs and the single panel controller attached to its rear. The slave jack is then mounted on guide rails to enable the fitting and removal of the bogie frame between the two units.

To find out more about our under car lifting systems, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent.