Bogie Test Press and Test Stands

A bogie press or test stand is used to mimic the loads imposed on a bogie by a rail vehicle and to settle the suspension so no further adjustment is needed when the body is fitted

Bogie Press

  • The ride right height

    Following build, repair or refurbishment, a bogie press is employed to ensure the ride height is set correctly. The unit bridges the rails and consists of cylinder(s) that apply load to the suspension points. Adapters can be used to accommodate different types of bogie.

  • Spreader beam for better performance

    We usually advise clients to fit a beam under the rails to transfer the weight from the bogie’s wheels to the press structure. It can be mounted in the floor in depots where rails are flush or under a raised section.

  • Electric power makes operation easy

    The press is normally powered by a three-phase electrical supply and will have an independent electro-hydraulic power pack to operate the cylinder(s).

Flexibility and choice

Bogie presses are quoted individually on request. They comprise single or twin pressing cylinders with independent load application and guided spreader beam. Other optional features include:

  • Load measurement by hydraulic pressure or solid state load cells
  • Wheel load measurement to check load distribution
  • Bogie ride height measurement
  • Power feed for bogies into press
  • Auxiliary rails to move press into bogie position
  • Automation of some or all functions
  • Data logging with report print out and storage

To find out more about our bogie presses, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent