Bogie & Wheelset Equipment Drops

Remove or replace complete bogies and under carriage equipment without decoupling vehicles. Our versatile drops make bogie change feasible within two hours, whilst time can also be saved on other under floor work.


    We produce bogie drops with two types of lifting mechanism – the traditional scissor action or our intelligent screw jack system, which is favoured by depot operators for its greatly reduced pit depth, minimising civil costs during construction.


    A pit continuation can be added to the drop to provide full clearance under the bogie, whilst side platforms give unrivalled access to the item being changed. When not in use, rail beams latch into place, ensuring the road is safe for depot traffic.


    Adapters can be fitted to our bogie drops to enable any type of under car module to be removed or replaced.


We can produce wheelset drops to suit all applications. Like our bogie drops, the road is safe for other traffic when the system is not in use and we offer the following variations:

  • Simple tabletop systems
  • Pit continuation for full access
  • Adapters for various module removal/replacement

All of our wheelset drops are supplied with adjustable bogie jacks to provide support during removal of the wheelset. For further information about our bogie or wheelset drops, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent.