Lifting Jacks - Train, Tram & Metro

Our flagship jacks are raising standards in the transport industry. Thanks to our patented Megalink controller, they enable the synchronised lifting of multiple rail cars by a single operator.

  • Technically and commercially viable

    Any number of jacks can be linked together using our innovative Megalink system and operated via a single cable. We can also modify the design to suit wider or taller vehicles.

  • Durable and long lasting

    We build jacks that are designed to work hard in any environment and have an estimated life of 20 years – far longer than that of other lightweight alternatives. Safety is a priority and they will maintain a load even when power is lost.

  • Versatile and easy to install

    Our jacks do not require the installation of underground cabling and can be moved using a wide legged proprietary pallet truck. It is possible to position them along a road and leave in place, as the anvils can be retracted to allow a vehicle to pass.

Megalink control system

Our unique Megalink controller is the most flexible and technically advanced in its field. Using a portable panel, jacks can be set up, raised and lowered by one operator, who has the freedom to move around and monitor the lift more effectively.

  • Touch screen HMI panel provides constant feedback
  • Information recorded on usage and faults
  • Inverter technology offers power savings of up to 50%

Megalink uses a combined power and data cable, minimising installation costs. The controller caters for longer, high speed trains and an almost unlimited number of jacks can be operated together. The largest system produced to date is a 44-jack chain, which is used to service 11-car Pendolinos on the UK’s West Coast Mainline.

For more information about our jacks and the Megalink system, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent.