Under Car Equipment Handling

Under car lifting systems – or engine removal tables as they are sometimes known – are designed to work specifically with our innovative jacks in depots with flat floors.

Mechan under car equipment handling for rail depots

  • Powered Lift Tables

    The table is positioned alongside the engine that is to be removed. Once the vehicle is lifted, it travels laterally underneath and then rises to engage with the engine raft.

  • Stability At All Times

    Our powered tables boasts staggered twin wheels at the front and rear, four driving wheels (the outer pair on each side) and two drive units that use cross shafts attached to opposite sides of the base frame. This ensures power is always available to wheels on the floor, even when moving over the rail gap.

  • Easy Adjustment

    The tabletop screws can be operated using air tools, to provide longitudinal and rotational movement for precise positioning. Although they have a low closed height, our under car systems can lift to two metres.

Choice and Flexibility

We offer a wide range of under car lifting systems, designed to suit varied locations and applications, including:

  • Powered lift table – offering lateral travel, the table lifts, tips, rotates and traverses, making it suitable for various modules.

  • Dual mode powered lift table – providing the same functionality as above, the table is fitted with workshop and rail wheels for added versatility.

  • Traction motor removal unit – a rail mounted table with adjustable top.

  • Manual hydraulic unit – fitted with a Pendolino battery box adapter and a wide, stable leg arrangement to counterbalance the manual operation.

  • Under car manipulator – slotting into a normal centre pit, this unit maintains a level surface at all times and is available with an assortment of adapters.

To find out more about our under car lifting systems, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent.