CIM Group Overview


In March 2017, we began a new chapter in Mechan’s history, joining French group, CIM – one of the rail industry’s most ambitious full-service suppliers.

Our extensive range of lifting and handling equipment is now part of a portfolio of products and services designed specifically to meet the needs of modern depots and track maintenance teams.

CIM operates in more than 120 countries worldwide, across all continents, working for many of the main rail operators. Its work can be split into three areas:

CIM Projects: The realisation of infrastructure projects. This complete package covers everything from the supply of materials and equipment, to commissioning and sourcing funding when required.


CIM Equipment: At the heart of CIM’s business, the supply of equipment encompasses not only our wide range of products, but also new and refurbished rolling stock, coupling systems and track materials.

CIM Services: Regular maintenance of rolling stock helps preserve your original investment and maximises its operational value. CIM keeps existing engines and carriages in service, whilst restoring or modifying obsolete models. Training courses are also offered to provide in house staff with the skills to maintain your fleet.

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