Bogie drop is jewel in Crown Point upgrade

June 10, 2021

We have installed a bespoke bogie drop as part of the largescale development of Norwich’s Crown Point rail depot.

Our expert engineers designed and built the custom-made unit, which enables bogies to be changed without decoupling trains, saving valuable servicing time.

The bogie drop is being used to remove underframe equipment, including bogies, wheelsets, transformers and cooling units, from the new Stadler and Bombardier trains, introduced on Greater Anglia’s intercity and Stanstead express services last year.

We have worked closely with main contractor, Taylor Woodrow, to enable the depot to remain operational. Taylor Woodrow constructed the bogie drop pit as part of its work to convert and extend the facilities at Crown Point to provide servicing, maintenance and stabling for the new fleet of trains.

As the Stadler vehicles have articulated bogies that sit between carriages, the drop uses mini jacks to support the ends of two vehicles during removal. It has a roll over capacity of 75 tonnes and was specified with automatic wheel stops and interlocked access gates as additional safety features, which we designed into the unit, drawing on past experience.

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