Mechan can supply a wide range of chain or wire rope hoists and winches, either as stand-alone products or to optimise the design of its cranes. No matter how complicated your logistics are, Mechan is confident that it can find a hoist that offers an economical solution to your needs, without compromising performance.


All hoists conform to the latest international standards and are suitable for the most hostile environments. They are efficiently proportioned, supplied with motors for high duty cycles and can be finished in the same paint colour as the crane. Various options for lifting and running speeds ensure the hoist traverses smoothly and quietly whilst in use. ATEX rated hoist units can be quoted upon request.


Mechan’s reliable chain hoists can be used in all applications up to 5,000kg. Their durability and consistency can be attributed to the quality of the components and the highest levels of technology used in the manufacturing process.

The safe, compact and economical hoists can be used to lift an unguided load with a hook or handling accessory. Lift heights of up to 12 metres are supplied as standard, although longer runs are available on request.

Chain hoists can be fitted to beams (monorails), with the addition of a trolley, or used as the lifting unit on another machine, such as a jib, overhead or travelling crane. They can be supplied in six configurations:

  • Fixed – with eyebolt suspension as standard or hook suspension on request.
  • Hand-pushed trolley – horizontal movement pushes the load. Recommended for light duty work and short travel only.
  • Electrically operated trolley – a push button panel controls the movement. Recommended for heavy duty work and when manual pushing is not feasible.
  • Manual gear operated trolley – a chain controlled by the operator moves the trolley wheels. Recommended for a low number of cycles and micro-inching.
  • Low headroom execution – the hoist is fitted on a frame, mounted on two trolleys, with a return system for the chain. Electric or hand push versions are available.


Mechan’s adaptable wire rope hoists and winches are available as a modular system and are designed to lift between 500kg and 40,000kg.

The reliability of wire rope hoists guarantees a long life and high levels of performance consistency. Horizontal movement is achievable when combined with a trolley running on one or two beams and all lifting and traversing movements are activated electrically, via a fixed pendant, radio-controlled system or infrared.

Wire rope hoists are available in four basic sizes, dependent on load capacity. All come with a choice of short, normal, long or extra long drum lengths and hook runs of four to 58 metres. They can be supplied in four configurations:

  • Fixed – universal, basic configuration with eye bolts that fix the hoist to a frame, double girder trolley or in a suspended position.
  • With monorail trolley – the hoist is supplied suspended from an electrically operated normal headroom trolley or articulated version, should the unit be required to run on curves.
  • With low headroom monorail trolley – the hoist is supplied suspended from a low headroom monorail trolley to achieve maximum lifting height.
  • With double girder trolley – the hoist is fitted on top of the electrically operated double girder trolley frame, or suspended beneath. It can also be supplied in a traversal position. The trolley runs on two rails to maximise the hook path.

To find out more about our cranes, contact the UK sales team on +44 114 257 0563 or your nearest agent.

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