Historic London Bogies Visit Sheffield

November 28, 2014

Our advanced engineering skills have breathed new life into two London Underground accommodation bogies, believed to date from the 1920s.

Because the Acton Depot accommodation bogies are so old and little is known about their manufacture, we had to strip the units down and carry out reverse engineering to establish how they were constructed. Worn parts were then replaced, for example, the axle bearings and they were shot blasted and repainted, before being delivered back to the capital.

Accommodation bogies – sometimes known as dummy bogies – are used to move rail vehicles around the depot once they have been separated from their bogies.

Lee Pitts, our sales manager, said: “Considering their advanced age, Acton’s accommodation bogies were in remarkably good shape and although we knew little about their provenance, the technology behind this type of equipment is still recognisably the same. We were, therefore, able to achieve an extremely high quality finish and return them to the depot ready to serve another 100 years.”

We are expecting more equipment from London Underground to make the journey to Sheffield for refurbishment. We have a history of working with the firm, most notably on the restoration of a 50 year old turntable from Waterloo, the only subterranean depot in the capital.

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