We offer low cost refurbishment of existing rail depot equipment to keep your maintenance facility in tip top condition.

Changing with the times doesn’t have to mean ripping out serviceable kit and starting again. We can renovate and restore most types of equipment, giving obsolete or tired machinery a new lease of life.

We can install new electronics or hydraulics and even repurpose some pieces completely to meet modern demands, depending on what it is and your end goals.

To begin the refurbishment process, we will assess the product in question and produce a condition report, before providing you with our recommendations. All necessary work is then costed up, enabling you to make informed choices about the economics of repair versus replacement.

Upon completion, your overhauled equipment will be thoroughly tried and tested by our expert engineers to ensure it is fully operational, safe and ready for action before being reinstalled at your depot.

To find out more about our comprehensive refurbishment services, telephone (0114) 257 0563 or email us.

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