Using our innovative wheel drops, wheelsets can be removed or replaced without lifting the rail vehicle.

The wheel drop is equipped with a scissor lift table that moves between the road and the underside of the train to permit the exchange. The table raises to engage with the rail beams and is then lowered with the wheelset onboard, before traversing to the side of the pit to allow a crane or forklift to remove the unit for repair.

Wheelsets weighing up to five tonnes can be accommodated, whilst the maximum axle load permitted on the system’s removable rails is 20 tonnes. Two hydraulic support jacks and pumps are provided to brace the vehicle once the wheelset has been removed and four chocks hold it in position on the table.

When the system is not in use, removable rails are latched into position, allowing depot traffic to pass normally.

Our wheel drops are operated by a push button pendant, or from the control desk, ensuring personnel remain at a safe distance from moving parts. All electrical controls are also housed in the desk.

For more information about our advanced wheel drops, telephone (0114) 257 0563 or email us.

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