Our turntables are used to transfer bogies between roads or turn wheelsets around in rail depots.

They are normally fitted with double cross-rails to allow bogies to run across the surface and a latch to hold them in position when they are lined up with the workshop rails.

Turntables can be operated with a manual push handle or electrically, using a gearbox mounted in the pit. Power is provided through a torque limiter to protect the gearbox from overloading during operation and access is offered centrally for maintenance of the pivot bearings and slew drive.

We have designed our turntables to allow complete rail vehicles to roll over them at low speed, keeping the entire depot road open for other maintenance. Heavy non-slip decking plates also ensure forklift trucks and other equipment can pass without obstruction.

To find out more about our turntable design process, speak to our sales team on (0114) 257 0563 or email us.

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