Make your depot cleaner and healthier with flexible exhaust hoods from Blaschke.

We are the sole UK and Irish supplier of these specialist systems that offer an efficient way to capture diesel emissions and ensure all hazardous gas is disposed of safely.They are fitted with smaller pipes than traditional extraction methods to guarantee airtight removal of fumes directly at source. This increases the power generated and enables smaller fans to be used, reducing energy consumption and noise levels.

Blaschke’s fully automated suction hoods cater for any type of rail vehicle. They are fitted over the exhaust pipe and can be adjusted easily by remote control. The firm’s main product lines fall into the following three categories and boast useful features, such as cameras, however, completely bespoke installations can be developed, if required.

  • Railpoint: A fixed system ideal for depots that have the same trains parked in the same place every time.
  • Railbridge: Exhaust hoods that sit on a ‘bridge’ allowing them to move laterally along a road for increased flexibility.
  • RailBridge Crane: An overhead gantry is installed to allow the suction hoods to be traversed across the depot.
  • Swivel Arms: A space efficient solution for one or two roads. The hoods can be wall mounted, fixed, mobile or run along a gantry roof.

Exhaust gas is heavy and cannot be removed effectively once it is in the air. The only way to control it properly is to capture it at source. Without fume extraction, diesel particles form a layer of dust that puts workers at risk and settles on machines, meaning extra cleaning and maintenance is required.

To find out how Blaschke’s flexible exhaust extraction systems could benefit your operations, telephone (0114) 2570563 or email us.

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