We can tailor our jacks to suit any environment and the individual needs of your depot. To offer maximum flexibility, we start with the following options:


Constructed on a wide leg proprietary truck, our mobile jacks are designed to be moved around a workshop. They are supplied with fork pockets and lifting points for use with an overhead crane, offering complete versatility and manageability.


Our mobile jacks can be fitted with rail mounted wheels, enabling them to sit on an embedded rail alongside a pit. This means they can be pushed into position easily, without the need for handling equipment.


Our daisy chained cabling system links together jacks, allowing them to be used in different sized sets and moved around the depot or between sites as required.

For smaller groups, we recommend surface mounted cabling, laid in trunking or conduit, for safety and ease of installation. If you require 16 jacks or more, socket boxes can be added to enable them to be plugged in at their operating point. This installed system is preferable to reduce visual cabling and therefore, the risk of damage and tripping hazards.

To find out more about our innovative lifting jacks and the choices available, speak to our sales team on (0114) 257 0563 or email us.

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