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Working with our partners Klein Anlagenbau AG of Germany, we are bringing an innovative range of sandbox filling systems to the UK and Irish markets.

Efficient And Environmentally Sound

Traditional methods of replenishing the on-board stocks of sand used to improve traction and braking are time-consuming and labour intensive, whilst spills and waste often present operators with environmental and health and safety issues. To resolve this problem, we have sourced an automated system from our partners in Germany that allows just one operator to fill sandboxes through an ergonomically designed nozzle, similar to those used to refuel a car.

Quick And Clean

The sand is stored in an onsite silo and dispensed directly into the sandbox. A dense phase pneumatic pipe is used to transfer the sand under pressure at low velocity, minimising pipe wear, whilst dust is eliminated through a simple exhaust system.

Fixed Or Mobile Installations

Fixed installations have dispensing points located along a service road, so multiple sandboxes can be filled simultaneously. The operator places the nozzle into the sandbox and opens the flow valve. When the box is full, the sand covering the nozzle will stop the flow automatically. The supply can then be closed and the nozzle returned to the dispensing holster. Mobile carts operate in the same way, although only one sandbox can be filled at a time, as they have just one nozzle outlet.

Flexible And Future Proof

Klein’s sandbox filling systems are perfect for growing depots. Expansion requires very little additional infrastructure and minimal operator intervention or training is necessary.

  • Easy to use
  • Free from spills and dust
  • Reduced time in depot means rolling stock can return to service faster

To find out more about our partnership with Klein, telephone +44 114 257 0563 or email us.

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