A manipulator is a handy tool for the removal of undercar components from a range of rolling stock.

It is designed specifically to work in a rail maintenance pit, differentiating it from other undercar lifting equipment.

The basic height and width of a manipulator can be tailored to your pit dimensions, maximising its usefulness and when lowered, we will ensure the highest point will always be clear of the vehicle gauge. Adapters are located in the lifting head to allow it to work with a wide variety of components and it incorporates a socket to accept further items from under the train, for example, coupler adapters.

Our manipulators have front and rear castors to provide mobility in and out of the pit and side rollers to guide them through the available space. The head is compact to give all-round access and it swivels, so it can reach components that are offset from the pit centre.

Anti-slip plates are also incorporated, allowing personnel to stand on the manipulator to reach the item being worked on and pass the equipment safely in the pit.

To find out more about our versatile pit manipulators, speak to our sales team on (0114) 257 0563 or email us.

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